About us

We are a leading company in the generator set sector..

We offer specialized service, in addition to supply, we also offer the complete solution consisting of installation and commissioning.


At gcmindustrial, in helping customers, in seeking excellence in our generator sets, in constantly innovating, in becoming increasingly sustainable. In everything we do, we put the soul.


After 25 years in the sector, we have generated much more than energy.

We have innovated by creating our leading generator sets, we have developed and perfected distributed energy, and we have reached 30 countries on 5 continents. After all that we have generated, we can proudly say that we are generators.


We are a business group based in Valencia with more than 20 years of experience in the generator set sector.

In addition to offering reliable and efficient standard generator sets, we are committed to customizing our products. Through our project office, we value the technical capacity to develop special solutions.


We are a company of Spanish (Galician) origin that since 1994 supplies energy to industries and individuals.

Our goal is to offer efficient solutions for any type of energy problem, adapting the product to the situation.


We want to change the current paradigm of the energy industry by giving distributed energy an essential role in the future configuration of the sector.

To achieve this, we are committed to constant improvement and innovation in technology, techniques and products.


Manufacturing and Service Excellence

GCMINDUSTRIAL has been striving since its inception to offer the market high-quality generator sets that are tailored to the specific needs of each client. This has been achieved taking as a priority argument in the development of its activity, innovation and specialization of its production processes and services.

Manufacturing quality

The quality of our generator sets is the result of planned prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement actions throughout the production cycle. To achieve a high quality product we are aware that we have to collaborate with our suppliers and collaborators in a complete and timely way for a mutual benefit.

Manufacturing and Service Excellence

At GCMINDUSTRIAL we work every day to satisfy the wishes and expectations of our clients. We increase the quality level of our services, both technically and commercially.

Quality of service

Each employee is aware and responsible for the quality of their work, but at the same time obtaining quality of the product and service is a common task of all areas. This requires the active integration of the entire human team of the company, therefore, management considers motivation and training at all levels a priority.

About GCM

At GCM we have a large stock of used generators, powers from 20 kva to 2,000 kva, in multiple formats. We have top brand equipment, with Iveco, Deutz, Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Perkins and Cummins engines. As for the brand of generating sets, we have Pramac, Himoinsa, Filipini, Gesan, Atlas Copco generators, among others

We also offer you turnkey service, which has supply + installation + start-up.

All GCM used machinery is delivered tested and revised, with one year warranty.

We have stock of consumable spare parts (oil filters, diesel filters, belts…).

We have our own logistics department, with which we can ensure immediate deliveries to our customers.

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⚡ From 5 kVA to 3,900 kVA